Nobles Prep & Mentoring

We pride ourselves on being excellent mentors for children and light their future with the power of education. We serve our children by providing them with the tools they need to reach the next step of their education journey and ultimately reach their goal. Our services encourage children to build transferrable skills and find their direction so they succeed in life.  

We provide the following services to students ages 7 and up:

01Education Consulting

A student’s education journey begins with knowing and deciding on the journey they wish to take. Our professional consultants analyze the student to help find the right education path.

Following is our brief education
consulting process :

There may be multiple tests and consulting sessions.

02Admissions Guidance

Our team of professional consultants provide comprehensive admissions guidance to students aiming for admissions to top boarding schools and universities in the U.S. All level of guiance is tailored to meet the uniqueness of an applicant. Our consultants evaluate the student’s current standing as well as project their potential for growth in finding and placing the student where they can grow limitlessly.

Some of the services
offered are :

  • Student transcript analysis
  • SSAT and TOEFL strategy guidance
  • Extra-curricular and talent enhancement
  • Application essay guidance
  • Interview & school tour guidance
  • Parent statement guidance
  • Proper communication with the schools and faculty
  • Waitlist management
  • And more

03Gap Year Consulting

More and more students are taking a gap year following their high school graduation or during earlier part of their college to pursuit their passions. Our team of professional consultants provides various academic, work and travel opportunities for students to test out their curiosities and follow their passion.

Some of the opportunities are :

  • Travel abroad programs
  • Work abroad programs
  • Volunteer programs
  • Study something unique
  • Self-development programs

04School Transfer

About one-third of the students hope or choose to transfer schools after their first year since admission. Some begin the school with a plan to transfer to another school.

Our team of professional consultants provides
following services for school transfer :

  • Student analysis for better school selection
  • Course selections for efficient transfer of credit
  • Full admissions support
  • And more

05Boarding Life Consulting

hold hands of the newly admitted students to U.S. boarding schools Leaving home and adjusting to a new culture and school can be frightening for any child. NPM US holds the hands of these students who are thousands of miles away from on their journey for better education.

NPM consultants work as a team
to give full attention and care to our students.

  • Act as a registered guardian of the student
  • Communicate with school and teachers about the well-being of the student
  • Attends Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Update the parents regularly of the well-being of the student
  • Monitor the student’s academic, social and extra-curricular activities
  • Provide mental, emotional and physical support of the family

Immediate action against COVID-19.
If a student shows any sign of the virus or if the school or the region shows any sign of the spread, we will safely evacuate the student and guide them home to their family.

06Graduate School Consulting

Either for MBA or graduate degree, our team of professional consultants provide comprehensive admissions guidance to students aiming for admissions to graduate schools.

Our experienced mentors and consultants
special in the following fields:

Our experienced mentors and consultants
special in the following schools:

07Career and Professional Development

Our team of experienced consultants share their experiences from the industry and provide the necessary skillsets required by the industries.

Our Career and Professional
Development provide:

NPM’s specialized professionals have
the following backgrounds:

08Life Style Consulting :

Leaving one’s country to live in a foreign country can very difficult. NPM professionals guide their students and families with pre-departure tasks to settling down in a new place.

The services provided
by NPM professionals are:

  • efficient visa guidance and issuance
  • living support: house, transportation, utilities set up, etc.
  • temporary housing and transportation services
  • school orientation guidance